Terms and Conditions

V3.0 - 1 Sept 2019

These are the terms and conditions for purchasing products and services from “EpiRigs Bertrand Rousseau” (EpiRigs), an individual company located in Zurich, Switzerland. These terms and conditions are subject to modification without prior notice. 

I. General

1.1 These terms of sale apply to EpiRigs and all agreements undertaken with EpiRigs. Terms and conditions are accepted upon placing an order.

1.2 Swiss Law applies to all offers and agreements initiated by EpiRigs.

1.3 EpiRigs produces and distributes soft rigging equipment, and provides engineering services in the area of rigging.

II. Offers and agreements

2.1 Agreements with EpiRigs to deliver products and/or services are binding only after written confirmation (in digital or print formats).

2.2 Additions, modifications and/or further agreements are effective only when agreed in writing (in digital or print format).

III. Prices

All prices are exclusive of tax (VAT) and shipping costs except otherwise indicated. The currency is the Euro and is always explicitly mentioned with its internationally recognized symbol.

IV. Delivery

4.1 A delivery time specified by EpiRigs can never be considered as a deadline. The delivery time starts after all required information becomes known to EpiRigs, upon which EpiRigs will process shipping.

4.2 EpiRigs will process orders as soon as possible, however within 10 working days. If this is not possible due to the fact that the ordered products are not in stock or has been discontinued, or if there is a delay for other reasons, the customer will receive a message within 10 working days after placing the order, in which case the customer has the right to cancel the order without any costs.

V. Force majeure

5.1 Force majeure means, besides as detailed in the law, all circumstances beyond the control of EpiRigs, which hinder the delivery of products or make it impossible, including interference in the Internet, disruptions in the electricity, failures in email traffic and disturbances or changes in technology supplied by third parties.

5.2 When the period, in which fulfilment of the obligation by EpiRigs is not possible by force majeure, lasts longer than 30 working days, either party can terminate the agreement, without an obligation to pay compensation.

VI. Warranty & Return Policy

6.1 The customer is obliged to check the delivered products immediately upon receipt. Should the delivered products contain a mistake or be damaged, the customer is obliged to make these defects known immediately to EpiRigs in writing (before returning it/them to EpiRigs). The products must be returned in the original packaging and in new condition. The right to return expires completely when the products are used after detection of occurred after wrong delivery.

6.2 All products of EpiRigs have a one-year guarantee when used in normal conditions (for the purpose and under the scope described in the online documentation by EpiRigs – see support section on www.EpiRigs.com).

6.3 Claims under the one-year guarantee imply returns of concerned products and return shipping costs remain at customer’s expense. All returns for claims under guarantee shall be announced to EpiRigs (contact@EpiRigs.com) and acknowledged by EpiRigs before the concerned product is shipped. In case EpiRigs recognize the legitimacy of the claim, EpiRigs will replace the product with a similar one and ship it back to the customer at own expense. In case the product is discontinued and the legitimacy of the claim recognized, EpiRigs may replace the product with products of similar value, upon customer’s acceptance.

6.4 This warranty does not apply when the customer acts wrongfully towards EpiRigs, the customer modified the delivered products or had it/them modified or repaired by third parties or the delivered products are used in or exposed to unusual circumstances or otherwise treated carelessly. EpiRigs can never be held responsible for the consequences of an incorrect treatment/usage of the products.

VII. Payment

All products are to be paid prior shipping. The payment of engineering and consultancy services is executed upon the terms of a specific agreement between Epirigs and the customer.

VIII. Intellectual property

The brand “EpiRigs” shall not be used without prior consent from EpiRigs.

IX. Liability

EpiRigs excludes all liability for direct or indirect damage of any kind, in any way, connected with improper utilization of the products. Notably, any use beyond the purpose and scope of usage described in the online documentation is considered improper utilization.

X. Disputes

10.1 For questions and/or complaints the customer can email contact@EpiRigs.com. Complaints are treated as soon as possible, but ultimately within 14 working days. When this is not possible for any reason, the customer will be informed of the duration of the delay, within 14 working days following their claim.

10.2 Disputes arising from this agreement will be treated under Swiss Law.

End of Terms and Conditions