High Performance Rigging Designs

Kitesurfing - Sailing - Soft Rigging

At EpiRigs, High performance translates into three core values:


Lightweight: Excess weight in rigs affects negatively the comfort and performance. In our designs, strength-to-weight ratio is as high as permitted in in light of function and durability.

Functionality: The function of the rig must be optimal: sliding systems must have minimal friction - retention systems must be strong and stiff - trimming systems must be smooth and precise - release systems must be fast and safe - overall design must be compact to create minimal physical obstruction during normal operation.

Built-To-Last: We choose materials and designs to ensure the minimal environmental impact during the manufacturing, during the operational life and after disposal. This means using as little material as possible in the design and during the fabrication. This means choosing easy-to-recycle materials, and making the part strong and functional enough so it lasts. Also, this means the design must facilitate maintenance and repair. Repairing means we consume less overall and contribute to the preservation of our environment.